Technical Assistance Expansion Program (TAEP)

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This grant is ONLY open to Small Business Technical Assistance Providers. This is NOT a grant to small businesses. TAEP seeks to improve the state’s business and technical resources and networks for entrepreneurs and micro and small business owners, with a preference for applications that expand on services to underserved business groups. Funding is provided to provide new or enhanced consulting and training services.



Small business technical assistance centers (“Centers”) are funded in part by federal and private agencies to operate small business support services and programs throughout the state. These Centers provide one-on-one, confidential consulting and training to help small businesses and entrepreneurs start, grow and expand, and create jobs in California. The SB TAEP provides state grant funding to create new or enhanced consulting and training services through existing and new Centers, including satellite offices. As the Program’s purpose is to expand offerings to California small businesses over a five-year period, annual requests may include continued support of new or enhanced expansion offerings created in previous years through TAEP.


CalOSBA will prioritize funding for applications that best meet the factors listed in paragraph 1 (Government Code Section 12100-12100.69) and give preference to applications that propose new or enhanced services to underserved small business owners, including women, people of color and veteran-owned businesses and businesses in low-wealth, rural and disaster-impacted communities included in a state or federal emergency declaration or proclamation.

Eligible consulting and training services covered by the Program’s grant funding include: business plans and strategy; capital readiness and fundraising; expansion and revenue growth strategies such as export training, government and private procurement, e-commerce marketplace development and other business development strategies; marketing; management; operations; financial management; cybersecurity; production/manufacturing assistance and increased productivity strategies; innovation and tech transfer;  business resilience such as emergency preparedness, disaster economic recovery, succession planning; among other areas. Priority will be given to proposals that fill opportunity gaps for underserved small business owners to help them reach greater parity in revenue creation and job creation including capital readiness, export training and e-commerce, procurement, and other innovative programs that increase revenues and job creation to narrow the gap. Priority will also be given to business resilience programs for underserved small businesses which face increased challenges dealing with disaster recovery from natural, technological/cyber, health/disease, or human induced hazards. Business resilience may also include succession planning and exit strategies.

CalOSBA will also prioritize proposals that demonstrate collaboration and best practice sharing in the community and across ecosystem partners to build a stronger network of programs, services, and activities that benefit all California small business with a preference for underserved business groups.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Applicants:

  • Nonprofit
  • Public Agency

Federally-awarded small business technical assistance programs in California, administered by and primarily funded by federal agencies, that provide one-on-one confidential free or low-cost consulting and training to small businesses and entrepreneurs in this state.  Small business technical assistance centers that possess private funding sources with a similar intent and that meet the criteria defined in subdivision (d) of Section 12100.62. 

Eligible Geographies:


Important Dates

Application deadline The date (and time, where applicable) by which all applications must be submitted to the grantor.
Expected award announcement The date on which the grantor expects to announce the recipient(s) of the grant.
September 10, 2021
Period of performance The length of time during which the grant money must be utilized.
12 months

Funding Details

Total estimated available funding The total projected dollar amount of the grant.
Expected number of awards A single grant opportunity may represent one or many awards. Some grantors may know in advance the exact number of awards to be given. Others may indicate a range. Some may wish to and wait until the application period closes before determining how many awards to offer; in this case, a value of “Dependent” will display.
Estimated amount per award Grant opportunities representing multiple awards may offer awards in the same amount or in varied amounts. Some may wish to wait until the application period closes before determining per-award amounts; in this case, a value of “Dependent” will display.
Letter of Intent Required? Certain grants require that the recipient(s) provide a letter of intent.
Requires Matched Funding? Certain grants require that the recipient(s) be able to fully or partially match the grant award amount with another funding source.
Funding Source: The funding source allocated to fund the grant. It may be either State or Federal (or a combination of both), and be tied to a specific piece of legislation, a proposition, or a bond number.
  • State

Funding Source Notes:

The Program was enacted in Government Code Section 12100-12100.69.  In 2021, the program was expanded to include small business technical assistance centers that possess private funding sources with a similar intent and that meet the criteria defined in subdivision (d) of Section 12100.62.  

Funding Method: The manner in which the grant funding will be delivered to the awardee. Funding methods include reimbursements (where the recipient spends out-of-pocket and is reimbursed by the grantor) and advances (where the recipient spends received grant funds directly).
  • Reimbursement(s)

How to Apply

State agencies/departments recommend you read the full grant guidelines before applying.


For questions about this grant, contact:
Jean Coleman, 1-916-719-2212,