For State Agencies

The California Grants Portal offers three methods for submitting grant opportunities. Review the methods below to determine which is appropriate for your agency.

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Online Form

This option is best for:

  • Departments without IT staff to support JSON file development
  • Departments not currently using WordPress

How it works:

  • Create an account
  • Once your account is verified, visit your grants dashboard to submit grant opportunities using the online form
  • Enter grant information into the form and submit
    • The form includes the option to publish a forecasted opportunity
    • “Save and Finish Later” functionality gives you the flexibility to complete the form over time as grant details are determined and finalized
    • Edits to in-progress or submitted grant data (and the addition of new grants) are possible by logging into your dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to enter grant data into the form all at once?

No. The form is separated into five different sections. You will have the option to save the form at the end of each section and then come back and enter information for the following sections later. You can also save a grant opportunity after you have entered all the data. This is useful if you need to print out or otherwise share all the information with anyone else in your organization before you publish (or set a publish date) for the grant opportunity.

How do I post a forecasted opportunity?

The grant submission form includes the option to post a grant as “forecasted” before providing the full grant details. The following data are required for forecasted opportunities:

  • Grant Title
  • Grant ID
    • If an ID is not assigned by the grantmaking agency, a Portal-assigned ID will be used
    • Grantmakers may later edit the grant to include an agency ID (i.e. it’s not a “now or never” scenario)
  • Grantmaking Agency
  • Grant Description
  • Anticipated Open Date  (Approximately when applicants can expect full grant details to be made available) 
    • May be entered as a specific date, a month, “Q1,” “Summer 2020,” etc.
Will I be able to edit grant data entered into the form?

Yes. You’ll be able to log into your Portal dashboard to access any in-progress, forecasted, and active grants. You’ll also be able to create new grants directly from your dashboard.

If I submit a grant using the online form, does that preclude me from using the other grant submission methods in the future?

No. If either the JSON file or the Grants Portal’s WordPress plugin become better options for your agency in the future, you may employ those methods as well, and all will be accessible in your dashboard.

Can I access grants submitted by others in my agency?

Not at this time. Your dashboard will display only the grants that you have submitted.

WordPress Plugin

This option is best for:

  • Departments currently using a WordPress site

How it works:

  • Create an account on
  • Once your account is verified, download and implement the California Grants Portal WordPress plugin (available through the WordPress plugin store and California State Library’s GitHub)
  • Please follow the instructions listed on the State Grantmakers Guide to submit and update grant opportunities via WordPress plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use a WordPress plugin to submit grants?

This option is best if your organization uses a public WordPress website and has IT support in uploading grant opportunities. Your organization’s Grant Contributor must be a WordPress admin.

Where can I find more instructions for submitting grants as well as definitions for all of the terms and fields in the grants form?

The State Grantmakers Guide includes instructions on creating accounts, uploading grants, and includes a glossary of terms and fields used in the grants form.  

Do I need to create a Grant Contributor account to publish grants via WordPress plugin?

Yes, Grants Contributors must set up an account in order to submit a grant opportunity. See instructions under the WordPress Plugin tab on the “For State Agencies” page on setting up an account.

Do I need to submit an Endpoint URL and Authorization Token for every new grant?

No, Grant Contributors only need to submit an Endpoint URL and Authorization Token once. Once an Endpoint URL and Authorization Token are submitted for the Grant Contributor’s first posted grant, the Grants Portal will automatically sync every 24 hours.

How often does the Grants Portal sync? Can I force a sync?

The Grants Portal automatically syncs every 24 hours. However, Grant Contributors have the option to force a sync of all published grants by navigating to their Grants Dashboard in the California Grants Portal. Once there, select “force sync” next to any grant. Note: When “force sync” is selected on any grant in the Grants Dashboard, all of the Grant Contributor’s published grants will also sync. Grant drafts will remain unpublished. See step-by-step instructions provided in the State Grantmakers Guide for more details.

How do I edit previously published grants?

Organizations using the WordPress plugin must edit their grants through their WordPress Admin Dashboard, rather than the California Grants Portal. See instructions in the State Grantmakers Guide about editing grants with the WordPress plugin.

Can Grant Contributors submit grants through both the WordPress plugin and the online form?

Yes, Grant Contributors can use both the WordPress plugin and online form to submit grant opportunities. Grant Contributors should reference the State Grantmakers Guide for instructions on submitting opportunities through the online form. Grant Contributors should note that grants submitted via WordPress plugin must be edited in the WordPress admin dashboard while grants submitted via online form must be edited in the Grants Portal.


JSON file submission is coming soon.

This option is best for:

  • Departments with IT staff comfortable supporting JSON file development
  • Departments not currently using WordPress

How it works:

  • Create an account
  • Once your account is verified, you will receive a link to a JSON endpoint submission form in an email
  • Submit your endpoint URL to allow the Grants Portal to access grant information in the JSON file
    • Grant edits and additions continue to be made directly in the JSON file
  • The Grants Portal will sync with your endpoint every 24 hours