State Grantmakers Guide

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About the California Grants Portal

The California Grants Portal is managed and hosted by the California State Library. As required by the Grants Information Act of 2018 (Stats. 2018, Ch. 318), the California Grants Portal provides a centralized location for grantseekers to find all state grant and loan opportunities. The State Library has built the Grants Portal using input from California’s grantseekers and state grantmakers and will continue to solicit feedback for future improvements to the website.

State agencies are responsible for providing information about their grant and loan opportunities to the State Library for publication on the California Grants Portal. This guide provides information and instructions for state grantmakers on submitting information to the State Library and navigating the Grants Portal.

Table of Contents

Part I: Key Terms

Part II: Setting Up Your Account

Part III: Submitting and Updating Information on the Grants Portal

Part IV: Data Dictionary

Part V: Resources

Last Updated: 1/19/2022