Part V: Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about submitting grant information to the California Grants Portal. Visit the Grants Portal’s FAQs page to find more frequently asked questions about using the Grants Portal.

Where can I find information about grant fields if I don’t understand what to add?
Aside from this guide, you can find more information about the terms used on the site in the Data Dictionary. You may also use the tooltips function by hovering your mouse over any term on the Grants Portal underlined with a dotted line. This will display brief definitions of each term.

Do I have to enter grant data into the form all at once?
No. The form is separated into five different sections. You will have the option to save the form at the end of each section and then come back and enter information for the following sections later. You can also save a grant opportunity after you have entered all the data. This is useful if you need to print out or otherwise share all the information with anyone else in your organization before you publish (or set a publish date) for the grant opportunity.

The online form seems like it requires a lot of information. How long will it take me to fill it out?
Nearly all of the information requested in the online form is already provided in most RFAs/RFPs and can be copy and pasted or lightly edited in order to add it to the form. We estimate that the average grant takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to submit through the online form.

How do I post a forecasted opportunity?
The online form includes the option to post a grant as “Forecasted” if the opportunity will open in the future, but the grant is not active yet. The online form for a forecasted grant includes all data elements, but fewer are required than for an active grant. When you’re ready to make your forecasted grant an active grant, navigate to your dashboard and select “Transition to Active” next to your forecasted grant.

If I submit a grant using the online form, does that preclude me from using the other grant submission methods in the future?
No. If either the JSON file or the Grants Portal’s WordPress plugin become a better option for your agency in the future, you may employ it. All three methods will be accessible in your dashboard.

Can a Grant Editor publish grant opportunities? Can they serve as a Grant Contributor, too?
Yes, a Grant Editor can add grant opportunities as well. A Grant Editor can also serve as a Grant Contributor; however, we only recommend this for departments with few grant opportunities or a small program staff. If you’d like to serve as both a Grant Editor and Grant Contributor, you do not need to create a separate Grant Contributor account.

How many Grant Contributors can my department have?
While each department and agency will have only one Grant Editor, there is no limit to the number of Grant Contributors each may have. However, we recommend that departments/agencies limit Grant Contributors to those you reasonably expect will publish a grant opportunity to the Grants Portal.

Who decides when the grant opportunity is ready to be published?
Each agency should have their own review, as they would with anything else they’d post publicly, to determine when the grant should be published. As a reminder, you can submit grant information to the Grants Portal in advance and set a future publication date and time.

Can I access grants submitted by others in my agency/department?
As a Grant Contributor, your dashboard will display only the grants that you have submitted. The Grant Editor is the only person in an agency/department that can see grants posted by others in their department.

Logo and Link for State Agency Use

The Grant Information Act of 2018 requires that “each state agency. . . provide a link to the California State Library’s funding opportunities Internet Web portal [California Grants Portal] on the state agency’s Internet Web site.” Departments may simply provide the link or may also include the Grants Portal logo. The logo will be sent to Grant Editors in the near future.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions via the Help Desk (under “Need Support?” on your dashboard) or

Last Updated on 12/1/2020