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The goal of this initiative is to promote the use of regional industry-sector strategies as the framework to help unemployed and underemployed veterans with significant barriers to employment transition from military careers to rewarding civilian employment.


The Employment Development Department (EDD), in coordination with the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) and the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA), announces the availability of up to $5 million in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Governor’s Discretionary funds for the Veteran’s Employment-Related Assistance Program (VEAP) PY 20-21 grant. The VEAP grants are awarded to design, develop, and implement projects that accelerate employment and re-employment strategies for veterans.

The primary goals of the grant are to increase access to career pathways programs and to help those with significant barriers to employment enter into the workforce in skilled occupations. Grant funds will support projects that increase access for veterans, align WIOA programs, implement co-enrollment strategies, leverage other program funding, provide supportive services, and create onramps to career pathways for California’s veterans. Co-enrollment may include enrollment in WIOA Title I Adult, Title II Adult Education, Title III Wagner-Peyser, human service programs, or other WIOA unified plan programs. Pathways to careers may include on-ramps into existing career technical education pathways or apprenticeship programs or the establishment of pre-apprenticeship programs, paid work education experience (PWEX), or other work-based learning6 (WBL) opportunities for veterans. The selected projects are expected to work in collaboration with the following required partners: (1) Title I Local Workforce Development Board/One Stop Operator, (2) Title III Wagner-Peyser, and (3) the local EDD Jobs for Veterans State Grant (JVSG) Program staff. It is strongly encouraged that one of the key project partners be a county Veterans Service Office. Applicants are required to offer at least one certified training leading to an industry-recognized certificate. There is a 40% match requirement.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Applicants:

  • Business
  • Nonprofit
  • Public Agency

Proposals will be accepted from Local Areas, education and training providers, private non-profit organizations, private for-profit organizations, and faith and/or community-based organizations. Recipients of the VEAP PY 2019-20 grant funding are not eligible to apply.

Matching Funding Requirement:

Applicants are required to demonstrate a minimum 40 percent match in relation to total requested funds. Match resources can be leveraged from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, businesses, industry associations, labor organizations, community-based organizations, education and training providers, and/or federal, state, and local government programs.

Important Dates

The date (and time, where applicable) by which all applications must be submitted to the grantmaker. Time listed as “00:00” equates to midnight.
The date on which the grantor expects to announce the recipient(s) of the grant.
March 2021
The length of time during which the grant money must be utilized.
18 and 24 months

Funding Details

The total projected dollar amount of the grant.
A single grant opportunity may represent one or many awards. Some grantors may know in advance the exact number of awards to be given. Others may indicate a range. Some may wish to and wait until the application period closes before determining how many awards to offer; in this case, a value of “Dependent” will display.
10 – 12
Grant opportunities representing multiple awards may offer awards in the same amount or in varied amounts. Some may wish to wait until the application period closes before determining per-award amounts; in this case, a value of “Dependent” will display.
$250,000 – $500,000
Certain grants require that the recipient(s) provide a letter of intent.
Certain grants require that the recipient(s) be able to fully or partially match the grant award amount with another funding source.
The funding source allocated to fund the grant. It may be either State or Federal (or a combination of both), and be tied to a specific piece of legislation, a proposition, or a bond number.
  • Federal

Funding Source Notes:

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Governor’s Discretionary

The manner in which the grant funding will be delivered to the awardee. Funding methods include reimbursements (where the recipient spends out-of-pocket and is reimbursed by the grantor) and advances (where the recipient spends received grant funds directly).
  • Reimbursement(s)

How to Apply

State agencies/departments recommend you read the full grant guidelines before applying.


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