PART II: Setting Up Your Account

Grant Editor: How to Set up an Account
The State Library will contact the state agency’s pre-identified Point of Contact(s). The Point of Contact(s) will notify the State Library that they will transition to the Grant Editor or they will identify another individual to serve as the Grant Editor for their agency. The State Library will send the Grant Editor an email with an account registration link. Click the link and you will be prompted to set up a new password. If you need to change Grant Editors, please contact CA Grants Team at the State Library at

Grant Editor: How to Approve New Grant Contributor Accounts

In order to add a Grant Contributor, the Grant Editor must approve the new account.

Grant Contributor: How to Set up an Account
Before you can submit or update grant information, you must set up an account as a Grant Contributor.

Last Updated on 8/27/2020